Your Personal User Guide

When you start a new job, your manager has no idea on how you work and what motivates you.

I recently found out about a great way to communicate this information.

When starting her new job at Toptal, Steph Smith created a personal user guide on what it’s like to work with her. It’s just a google slide presentation - all you really need.

It details her strengths and weaknesses alongside other info related to how she does her best work.

There’s a bunch of stuff you could include. Here are a few things that come to mind:

More generally, tasks like the above point to a better employee onboarding process. The more effort you put into understanding how someone works and what their preferences are, the better work they will be able to do.

Imagine your company did this for everyone in your team. I’d bet that would foster a much more effective work culture where everyone got more done.

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